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Some routing/flight and carrier options may not be listed on flyora. Due to personal time contraints and complexity of a couple FF program earning I need to ensure it's as accurate as possible - and this takes time. flyora is a personal site and no warrenty of any kind is made on the information provided.

Does flyora account for program changes?
Yes - with in reason. Earned points/miles listed are as if you took the flight today. As frequent flyer programs change and develop further earning opportunities may change with this. We will update as programs change.

Non oneworld flight numbers
Some programs will credit miles for partner airlines (non-oneworld). These partnerships can often lead to confusion around what flights will earn miles and which will not. For the purposes of displaying mileage we have taken the approach that any flight under a partner agreement will earn miles. Note: This may not always be the case (eg: "MU" flights earned under JAL Mileage bank only cover flights operated by Japan Air Lines).

How are points/miles values calculated?
We've done calculations on every award flight this particular frequent flyer program offers on their own airline. From there we look at the lost possible cost revenue ticket in each fare class on the exact same flights. Then we divide the cost of tickets by the number of miles it would require to redeem for the same flight and we have the average amount a mile/point is worth on that airline. This is based off more than 1 million calculations data points and does not include taxes+fees on award tickets. The mile value is not directly linked to the route you're searching for but is an overall reflection of the average value of the miles accross that airlines network.

Where is Royal Jordanian?
Royal Jordanian doesn't publish their points earning chart for airline partners. This makes our job more challenging as we cannot provide accurate results. As such - we've left them out. (Do you work for RJ? Contact me)

Do mileage earn rates include cabin and status bonuses that may apply?
Yes, and no. Where possible the cabin bonus has been included where the frequent flyer program credits a bonus for premium cabins. Status bonuses are not included in any mileage numbers listed. Individiaul airline promotions also not included in calculations.

Domestic vs International earn rates
When a program has different earn rates for domestic vs international travel (ie: LAN domestic vs international in same fare buckets), we have taken the international earn option and applied as default. This is one item on the radar for the next update.

Earn rates on specific flight numbers and/or flight number ranges
Some airlines have blocks of flight numbers that earn at different rates. These are usually reserved for partner codeshare flights and these are not taken into consideration. Any flight entered assumes it is points earning and not blocked out.

I entered Hong Kong to Bombay on American Airlines and you display results even through AA clearly does not fly this route - Why?
flyora does not check if the route is actually flown by that airline but rather shows how it would credit to a frequent flyer program if you were to fly that flight based on mileage, airline, marked airline and region/zones.

Are minimum point guarantees shown?
Yes - where possible.

Tell me more about your API
The data here is calculated from tens of thousands of airline data points and rules. Making this data available in a friendly format is challenging so I created an API which you can plug into. The API is designed to work with your web/mobile application to provide real time mileage information. For access - Contact me with information on how you will use the API.

I want to report a problem/suggestion/feedback
Thanks! Let me know

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